Zero Tolerance:

To better serve our valued patrons, Platinum Theatres, Inc. has adopted a Zero Tolerance Policy.   As a result of this policy, any patron disturbing another patron's pleasant movie experience will be asked to leave the theatre immediately.   Disturbance includes talking while the movie is playing, cell phone calls, kicking chairs, and any other disturbing activity as deemed by theatre management.   Admission cost is forfeited by those asked to leave the theatre due to inappropriate behavior.

Ratings Policy:

Platinum Theatres strictly enforces the ratings policy, therefore, no patron under 17 will be admitted to an "R" rated movie without an accompanying parent or legal guardian.   We reserve the right to check the I.D. of any patron entering the theatre.

Child Admission:

Children ages 2 & under Free to all shows. Platinum Theatres still adheres to the no tolerance policy and you may be asked to leave the theater if found disturbing other patrons. See policy above for details.


Platinum Theatres Gilroy location has been sold.  It will be closed for renovation until Spring 2019.  To redeem gift cards, please email ptigilroy@yahoo.com and include your card number on the back of your gift card and your name and address.  We will reimburse you for the value on your card.
Thank you,
Platinum Theatres